Posted on: February 15, 2022
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It is a fact that marketing financial products and services is not simple. In fact, the financial industry is perhaps one of the most highly regulated industries in terms of marketing practices. Marketing of financial services comes with many challenges that can make it exceedingly difficult to get an edge against the large financial institutions that dominate the industry.

These complexities mean that a general digital marketing agency may not have right skill set or knowledge base for effectively marketing financial products and services. For the best results, you need a specialized advisor marketing company.

They Know Your Industry

Regular digital marketing agencies accept clients from all industries and provide them with good marketing strategies. However, for an industry that focuses on highly educated and sophisticated clientele, generic marketing agencies may not be able to implement and maintain an appropriate strategy.

Financial services is a highly regulated industry. Therefore, a digital marketing agency needs to understand the absolute necessity for following strict financial industry compliance regulations when creating marketing materials for financial advisors. Financial advisors (and their dealerships) can face strict penalties for breaching compliance policies and procedures, even in their marketing materials.

With a financial marketing company like AdvisorNet, financial advisors never face the hassle of educating a generic marketing company about the unique compliance policies that govern the financial industry. They can breathe easier knowing they are working with a niche company that has in-depth knowledge of their industry and the sensitive rules that govern financial advisor marketing activities.

They are Experts in Creating Engaging Content

Even promoting a financial advisor website requires content creation, particularly news article writing. This is a marketing issue that needs to be approached with extreme care. In the field of finance, advertising messages should contain industry-specific vocabulary and the content should be created with a specific professional voice. As such, a good marketing company will know the essential tenets of the financial services industry and keep themselves updated about the latest developments.

The people who read finance articles are those most interested in finance and investing. Even if they are new to the field, they will often have enough knowledge to realize when an article is not written by an expert. As a financial planner, insurance advisor, or estate planner, you may have the skills to write website content. However, you may not several hours of free time each day to writing articles for a website. Therefore, a digital marketing company - specializing in the financial industry - can create compelling content for your website and leave you more time to focus on your core competencies.

They Help Retain Clients

Creating a financial advisor website with imbedded SEO is important for getting found on Google. However, retaining and building lasting client relationships is a whole other story. For a financial advisor, it is imperative that they forges long-term relationships with their clients so that clients never think about going to another financial planner or consultant.

Your long-term success as a financial advisor depends primarily on how well you convey your message to your clients and prospects. A digital marketing agency specializing in finance can formulate a well-thought-out strategy to continually remind your clients about the value that you provide.

In addition, great website content has the ability to explain to the prospects what makes you the best choice and why you have such a loyal client base. They understand that it is necessary to use financial terminology and numbers. If a marketing agency does not have rich and diverse experience in the financial sector, your business could suffer since your messaging may not appear authentic and you could lose credibility.

Bottom Line

As a financial advisor, finding the right digital marketing agency may seem like a tough task. It is not enough that a marketer can create beautiful marketing materials — they need to understand the industry intimately as well. Whether you are an insurance advisor, estate planner, or any other type of financial advisor, hiring a digital marketing agency that understands the financial industry is vital if you want to appear authentic, credible, and knowledgeable to your clientele.

If you are interested in using digital marketing tools to help create lasting relationships with your clients, we at AdvisorNet Communications can help.

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