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Stay "Top of Mind" with your clients via a compliant, fully-automated e-newsletter

With the majority of consumers now using smart phones for reading email, using a mobile-optimized e-newsletter is critical for long-term client satisfaction.
The AdvisorNet Email Marketer system is a fully-automated drip-marketing system to keep clients and prospects informed.


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Questions & Answers

The service is 100% compliant with the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) to ensure that every AdvisorNet client is only sending email newsletters to contacts where proper express consent exists.

Whenever any new contact subscribes to receive an advisor's e-newsletter, the system sends a confirmation email to the Financial Advisor showing the date and time when the subscriber provided Express Consent to receive emails from the advisor.

This detailed record-keeping is essential to ensuring that every AdvisorNet client is always fully prepared to demonstrate that they have obtain proper consent for each contact on their e-newsletter distribution list.

Our e-newsletter service is also fully compliant with all IIROC and MFDA regulations. With most large dealerships we serve, each monthly e-newsletter is pre-approved (for all advisors) by the Compliance Departments before any sample copy is provided to individual advisors.

For Financial Advisors from dealerships where newsletter reviews and approvals are not provided for all dealership advisors at once, our system automatically sends a copy of each advisor's upcoming to a designated compliance officer on the same day that the advisor receives their sample copy.

With each Email Marketer account, the user has access to manage their distribution list ( add, revise, delete ) as well as review readership statistics (opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes) related to any of their monthly e-newsletters.

OPTIONAL ADD-ON. The Email Marketer system can also be used to send Photo Birthday E-cards to anyone on an email list. CLICK HERE for more details.

Each user also has access to a complete selection of online training videos.

These training videos cover the following topics:

  • Adding Contacts
  • Birthday E-cards
  • Campaign Statistics
  • Contact Statistics
  • Creating and Editing Campaigns
  • Deleting Single Contacts
  • Deleting Multiple Contacts
  • Email Marketing Introduction
  • Exporting Contacts
  • Importing Contact
  • Managing Lists
  • Scheduling a Custom Email Campaign
  • Searching and Revising Contacts
  • Viewing Contacts

Birthday E-cards

Photo CardsSending photo birthday e-cards to clients on the morning of their birthday has proven to be a BIG hit and for many Financial Advisors this one special contact has resulted in new business from existing clients.

Free Birthday eCards

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