Birthday E-cards

Go beyond the expected!

Client E-cards

Build a reputation for extra special treatment by sending a photo birthday card to every client on the morning of their birthday.

Show your clients you CARE about them as PEOPLE - not just as a portfolio or insurance policy.

This service is included FREE with every Website package.

"So far, the birthday e-cards seem to be making an impact! We've had a few clients email "thank you" in response to receiving their birthday cards. It seems to be a pleasant surprise for clients and we're enjoying the new service." David S. ( Ontario )
"I have been meaning to send an email to let you know I have received a few "thank you"' from the cards. This is exactly what I was hoping for." Lance G. ( Alberta )

How to get started:


Submit a Support Ticket to let us know that you want the Birthday E-Card service activated for your account.


The AdvisorNet Support Team will send you a copy of your e-newsletter list containing new columns for adding D.O.B. data for your clients. Simply add the D.O.B. & Salutation information for each contact that should receive a Birthday E-Card.


Once your revised email newsletter list is ready, send your revised list to the AdvisorNet Support Team. We will check over the data for accuracy and then activate the Birthday E-Card service for your Account.

Once the Birthday E-Card service is activated all any client with DOB information in the system will automatically receive a photo e-card (similar to the samples on the right) on the morning of their birthday.