Five Key Benefits

AdvisorNet Website & E-newsletter


1. Credibility & Trust

Credibility is the foundation stone upon which trust is built in the advisor/client relationship. In today's business world, using a professional website is the absolute best way to establish credibility and build trust with prospective clients.

2. Enhanced Client Service

Providing great service is critical to keeping clients satisfied over the long term. A high-quality responsive website that contains a lot of valuable financial information is a clear demonstration that a financial advisor is fully committed to providing exceptional client service.

3. Better Time Management

The absolute last thing that any financial advisor should do with in their workday is spend their precious time building or maintaining a website. The most valuable use of an advisor’s time is holding face-to-face meetings with clients. Wise financial advisors delegate activities like website and e-newsletter management to a professional team who can handle all the details.

4. Fully-Automated Marketing

Numerous studies have shown that it takes between 7 – 9 contacts before the average person makes a positive decision about a product or service. A fully-automated, monthly e-newsletter enables a regular stream of communication between a financial advisor and their clientele – without the advisor having to write articles or manage the technology themselves.

5. Simplified Compliance

Every AdvisorNet website and e-newsletter design has been reviewed and approved by over 20 of the largest MFDA/IIROC dealerships in Canada. Because of our 25+ years of experience in the financial service industry, compliance officers love AdvisorNet websites and e-newsletters. With an AdvisorNet website and e-newsletter there are never any “surprises” that cause compliance headaches with regulators.

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