Email Accounts

Email Account Management

Each AdvisorNet website account includes 10 unique business email addresses that are configured to match the domain name used by each Financial Advisor.

When a Financial Advisor owns a domain name, they have FULL CONTROL over the format of the email addresses that are configured for their own use or for use by a team member.

If a financial advisor is using a domain name like ( they would have the option of using custom email addresses that match their domain.

See below for a few examples of acceptable email addresses:

Besides the 10 unique email addresses, each AdvisorNet account includes an unlimited number of Email Alias addresses that can be configured to forward incoming messages to any existing email address on the AdvisorNet Mail Server.

For additional details about Email Account management please check out our Client Service Portal.

Remote Email Access via Webmail ( NEW LINK )

To access your email from anywhere in the world just go to:

Go to Webmail

When you see the login page simply enter your email address and password to view all on the messages sitting in your mailbox which have not yet been downloaded to your PC.

Out of Office Messages

To learn how to set up your own personalized Out of Office Message for your custom email address, please watch the video below!