Online Appointment Scheduling

Redefine the client relationship with a web-based appointment scheduling system.

Trust and relationships are built through client meetings, so make it fast and easy for clients and prospects to connect with you through online appointment scheduling.

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Engage Your Clients Like Never Before

Financial advisors use TimeTrade to provide their clients with 24x7 access to schedule a phone or in-person meeting directly through their website, via emails and even on social media channels. This degree of engagement creates a unique feeling of control and empowerment resulting in an exceptional client experience.

Manage Clients On the Go

TimeTrade mobile let’s you bring TimeTrade scheduling management with you when you leave the office or go to a meeting. A convenient “Follow-ups” list keeps track of all the appointments offers you’ve made so you can follow-up from anywhere. Click-to-Schedule appointments are automatically placed on your calendar as they are made.

Automatic Sync with Outlook or Google Calendar

Any appointments added to your schedule via your Outlook or Google calendar automatically adjust the available time-slots shown on your online calendar - so there is NEVER any worry about double-booking any appointment times.

Easy Integration with Your Website

An online appointment scheduling tool can be easily added to any website. This allows clients and prospects to see all available appointment times and book appointments with their financial advisor at their convenience.


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Banks are driving more business from existing customers and generating an ongoing stream of new customers. It’s called Banking by Appointment – and it’s revolutionizing the ways in which banks interact and engage with their customers. By empowering consumers and businesses to book in-branch or phone appointments through bank websites, email campaigns and social media sites, retail financial service organizations greatly improve customer experiences, loyalty and revenue opportunities.

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