Making the Most of Targeted Marketing

Imagine living in a world where you purchase an ad in the yellow pages of your local phone book, but are promised that only the people looking for financial advisors will be the ones to get the phone book with your ad in it, and your price is based on that percentage of people. This scenario is a reality with tools such as Google AdWords and LinkedIn advertising.

Both of these online advertising solutions provide a key advantage for businesses who advertise online: they use sophisticated algorithms that ensure that online advertisements only appear when people search the Internet with certain keywords and match a specified geographic location and/or demographic identity.

Best of all, with these “pay-per-click” targeted methods you can be assured that you are only advertising to people who have the highest probability of becoming your clients. You maintain full control how much you spend each month on your online advertising, and you can change your budget at any time.

Advertising on LinkedIn is pretty much as simple as creating an ad, determining your target audience and placing the order. But when it comes to Google AdWords, there is a little more involved. It is important that your keywords and your website’s SEO are carefully constructed to help you rise to the top of Google search results and the AdWords universe. It’s also important to discover the keywords and phrases of your local competitors so that you know which search terms work best for attracting potential clients to your website.

Another benefit that Google AdWords provides over traditional marketing is its ability to track your marketing campaign results with very detailed reports. With traditional print advertisements someone might tell you once in a blue moon that they saw your ad in the paper. With Google AdWords you can monitor the click-thru statistics for every campaign, so you can easily see the results generated by your different online ads.

You can start your Google Adwords campaign today in just 4 easy steps.

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