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Tutorial #4 - Redirect

In the Mail Redirects area, users can redirect copies of their messages to a different email address either on a temporary or permanent basis. (See image below.) 

To turn mail redirection either ON or OFF, simply place a checkmark in the "Redirect" box, enter your desired "Redirect address" and then click the OK button.

IMPORTANT:  When Redirection is activated and the "Mailbox" is left ON, only COPIES of messages are forwarded to the new email account.  The original email messages are stored on the AdvisorNet email server for downloading into a users "main" computer for permanent storage in their email program (ie. Outlook.)  When Redirect is activated and the "Mailbox" is turned OFF, then all messages are forwarded to secondary email account and NO messages are stored on the email server. 

Caution: If you use email Redirection to forward messages to a second email account and you don't configure your Outlook program to retrieve your messages from your account on the AdvisorNet email server, then eventually your AdvisorNet email account storage capacity (50MB) will be exceeded and your email account will ceased to function properly.

Mail redirection is useful in a variety of different instances.

1.) If you are going to be away from the office for a extended period of time, you can forward copies of your messages to either a business partner or employee who can reply on your behalf to your clients.

2.) If you want to send duplicates of all your office email to a second computer (home office) you can also use the Redirect feature to accomplish this very easily.

3.) Some users send copies of their email to a wireless communication device (PDA, Blackberry, or a cell phone) so that they can receive email while they are away from the office.  The Redirect option is very useful in this circumstance because copies of all messages are saved on the email server for retrieval from a regular office computer.

Sometimes, when a user goes on vacation there is a need to access email while away from the office.  In this circumstance, they could either forward their messages to a different email address (like a Hotmail account.) or simply use the WebMail feature on the AdvisorNet Email Server to access their email anywhere in the world.

Tutorial # 5 - Mail Group