5 Simple Ways to Get More e-Newsletter Subscribers

Sending out an e-newsletter is a great marketing tool for financial advisors. It’s a way for you to connect and communicate with your clients and perspective clients. They are a great vehicle to share information and resources, as well as to encourage people to visit your website or call for an appointment.

Of course, the more people you have receiving your e-newsletter, the more successful this marketing tool will be. But how do you increase the number of e-newsletter subscribers? Here are a few ideas to get you started.
1.) Email your current clients. You probably already have email addresses for most of your current clients. Since we are still with the 3-year "implied content" window provided by CASL for emailing existing clients, you can send out an email telling all your clients that you will be starting an e-newsletter. If this is taking the place of a current printed newsletter, you can even emphasize that you are being environmentally conscious. You can inform all your clients that they will be added to your e-newsletter list but that they can always choose to opt out at any time. Next, just import all your client email addresses into your e-newsletter program and you have a great start on your e-newsletter list.
2.) Have a newsletter sign up form on your website. This form will help you gather emails from people who might not already be clients, and it gives you a place on your website to direct people for signing up for your e-newsletter. To keep yourself fully compliant with CASL regulations, you should configure your e-newsletter sign-up form to require each new subscriber to provide their “express consent” before they can receive email newsletters from your company.
3.) Hold a raffle. You could do this at a local event or festival. Ask for a donation of something like a quilt, a photography session or a gift certificate from a local business, and let them know all the proceeds will go to a charity of your choice. Then you sell tickets for a certain amount, and on each ticket have people give you their name, number and email address. Be sure to have a check box asking for permission to add their name to your newsletter list.
4.) Host a contest. This one is similar to the raffle, but people don’t have to pay to enter. You can give away a free consultation, a gift certificate for dinner for two or a cool piece of technology like an iPad 2. The qualification to enter should be to submit their name and email address for the newsletter via a form on your website. Be sure to use your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts to promote your contest.
5.) Share on Social Media. Post some information from your current newsletter as a new update on all of your social media accounts, and then invite people to subscribe to automatically receive future copies of your monthly e-newsletter. Of course, once you have a great email list you want to keep your subscribers engaged by providing valuable financial tips and strategies on a regular basis. That’s where AdvisorNet can help. With our Deluxe and Custom website packages we provide monthly e-newsletters, customized with your branding and full of valuable financial information.
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