Content is King!

Content is King

When you choose a book to read, whether it’s at the book store, the library, or online, chances are you pick it up, rifle through the pages, read the back flap and probably the inside flap too. Before we invest our precious time into reading something, we want to make sure it’s going to be worth the investment.

The same is true when searching for a financial advisor.

Prospective clients research financial advisors by getting recommendations from friends and family and by searching online. This in the number one reason why it’s important for every financial advisor to have a high-quality website. However, it's not good enough just to have a website.

Your website must be more than just a brochure - it must offer valuable information to keep visitors interested in learning more. People visit financial websites to learn about the advisor and theirs services, but also because they are seeking information on investing, retirement planning and many other financial strategy tips.

For every financial advisor, the primary purpose of any marketing strategy is to provide solid proof that they are a valuable resource for insightful information and solutions.

Great website content is an important component of any marketing plan, and as a financial advisor you are well aware of how crucial a good marketing plan is to winning new clients and maintaining relationships with current ones.

A good content marketing strategy can help your business in three ways:

  • Providing fresh content on a regular basis on your website helps improve your SEO, helping your business rise to the top when someone conducts an online search. It is even more important now that Google has changed their algorithms, giving priority to sites that contain new content.

  • Having well-written, informative articles posted on your website home page provide people with information they need to stay informed about their investments - which also helps build their trust in you as an expert financial advisor.

  • New and timely articles on your website can help improve your social media marketing, by providing content you can link to from Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. This not only helps keep your name out in front of your contacts on different social networks, but in turn helps drive traffic to your site.

At AdvisorNet, we know how important it is to have great website content on your website, in your e-newsletters and in other marketing tools. We also know how busy you are. That’s where we can help.

With all our website packages, three new articles are provided each month, to help improve your site’s SEO status and give you fresh content to use in your special media marketing strategies.

Together, we can help improve your content marketing, and in turn help your business succeed.