Raise Your Game with a Branding Strategy

When you see the familiar triangle shaped logo of Mercedes Benz, what comes to mind isn’t just a car. You think of luxury, quality and reliability; a company known for creating excellent vehicles, and a company that has garnered respect from the auto industry.

We’re all familiar with brands such as Mercedes, Coke, McDonalds and even Kleenex. In fact, the brand is so pervasive, in many cases, Kleenex has become the word people use for tissue. And branding is just as important in the service industry as it is for products.

No one knows better than financial advisors how important that first impression can be. And more than just a first impression, you want every interaction with your clients to be professional and classy. In order to be consistent, it’s important to pay attention to your branding strategy. Branding is about more than just coming up with a good logo. Creating a brand for your company includes an overall marketing strategy that encompasses every piece of material you distribute, as well as signage, advertising and online marketing.

Brands convey a uniform quality, credibility and experience, all at the same time. And that message they send is important. When you use plain white envelopes from the local office supply store, your clients might question your staying power as a business, if you’re not willing to invest in some stationery. By investing in some products and pulling together all of your marketing components under one brand, you elevate yourself and your business to a level that exudes professionalism.

When creating your brand there are two things you need to remember at all times.

1. Who you are, and how you want other people to see you. Is your business strategy focused on reaching young families? Incorporate that in your branding with softer colors and fonts. If your focus is more on high net worth individuals, you might go for something more traditional.

2. Your clients. You always want to remember who you are marketing to. Creating a brand means this “look” will be on everything, your stationery, your website, even the signage in your office. You want people to see it and feel comfortable coming to you for your services.

Branding your marketing materials is important, but not everyone has the graphic design skills to do this on their own. That’s where AdvisorNet comes in. With our Business Branding Kit, we offer professional graphic design services and consulting to help come up with a look and feel that is right for you. Check it out today, and get on the right track with your marketing strategy.