SEO for Financial Advisors: How Google Reviews Can Help

How Google Reviews Can Help

Having your business viewed favorably by Google, can have a major effect on its online visibility on Google search, ads, and reviews. Financial advisor websites should take advantage of reviews for marketing because most people these days read online reviews when making decisions about products or services. Google reviews can impact website Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which can help financial advisors take their digital marketing game to the next level.

Google reviews are effective since they help Google validate your local presence, which benefits your business, resulting in more exposure when someone is actively searching on Google for financial advisors in your local area. This can impact your website’s online visibility.

Furthermore, you can add even more content in the form of client testimonials to your web content. Since the content is displayed on Google’s own platform, it can greatly increase your SEO value and give you a chance to rank higher on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Google Reviews Drive Traffic

One of the biggest benefits of having Google reviews is the chances of not just having high traffic but also more relevant traffic to a financial advisor's website. A review posted on Google by a client can produce a click to your website for more information. From there on, it is up to you to provide a good client experience and high-quality content to convert a visitor.

The User Experience of your website is important since Google monitors the bounce rate of your website and uses it to determine your SEO. As a result, it is important you always look at the whole picture when it comes to how people come to your site and how long they decide to stay.

The Power of Local SEO for Financial Advisors

Google shows a particular preference for reviews of local businesses. That’s because the main aim of Google is to deliver the most relevant and value-adding information to users. By having local reviews, you are providing Google with the information to determine how much visibility your financial advisor website deserves as compared to your competitors.

For example, if someone searches for a financial advisor in Oshawa, Ontario*, Google will give preference and higher ranking to a local financial advisory firm with reviews based in the Oshawa area than those firms with no local presence. (*Give it a try and see the results)

How Financial Advisors Can Get Google Reviews

To get positive reviews from your clients, you need to first provide a great user experience and then request your client to share their experience online. We recommend starting this process with your “Top 10” all-time favourite clients. Another idea is placing a link on your website and in emails that directs your contacts to your Google reviews page.

Asking clients for reviews can sometimes be a double-edged sword since you may receive negative review. However, negative reviews can be effectively minimized by responding to the reviewer and assuring them of your desire to solve their problem. The MOST effective way to combat any negative review is to increase your total number of reviews. This way, any negative reviews get buried under your positive reviews. If you succeed in doing this, it reaffirms Google's positive perception of you.

Don’t worry if you are not familiar with how to leverage Google reviews as an effective marketing tool. Partnering with a digital marketing agency (like AdvisorNet Communications) that specializes in working with financial and insurance advisors, can save you time and money and help boost your local online presence effectively. Reach out to us today .